Queen’s Court

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Shelby Richey
November 2, 2016

Queen’s Court Queen and King – Cara Coligan and Blake Cranford

Queen’s Court happens during the week of Halloween. Classes sell raffle tickets for two weeks and the top sellers (Boy and Girl) are the Queen’s Court representatives. On the night of the Halloween Carnival, the representatives whose class sold the most raffle tickets are crowned King and Queen of the Court.

This years Queen’s Court Representatives were:

7th Grade: Tristan Broadus and Erin Hughes

8th Grade: Colin Linebarger and Lainey Penneycuff

9th Grade: Cameron Cagle and Hannah Oliver

10th Grade: Josh James and Raegan Ridgway

11th Grade: Blake Cranford and Cara Coligan

12th Grade: Isaac Feltman and Shannon Conoley

And the winner was 11th Grade!