Differences Between Big and Small Schools


Gary High School

Lexi Kingston, Staff Writer

How important is school size? Well, it depends on what kind of person you are. Some students may thrive in a smaller school where they get lots of attention, while others may prefer a bigger school because of the variety of activities and peer groups. The size of your school can greatly affect many things that go on around your school. For example, unlike a small school, there might be many more strict rules that apply in a bigger and more diverse school.

“Back in the day, everyone use to think that bigger schools offered better quality instructional programs at a lower cost than small schools. However, researchers have found that the cost savings provided by bigger schools have had quite a negative effect on student’s achievements and may other things. As a result of this, the federal government has given more than $94 million dollars in a year for experimental funds. School districts would like to use those funds to start building smaller schools.” (How Important Is School Size?)

Smaller schools often don’t have as many sports selections that big schools offer. Some small schools may not have band, football, swim team, lacrosse, etc.

“Another major difference between larger and small schools is some of the larger schools don’t have a moment of silence, the pledge of allegiance, or any things of that sort.” (How Important Is School Size?) The reason for that would be because the school district doesn’t want to offend the diverse religions that are present in the school. There are many more differences between bigger and smaller schools, however, these are just a few differences.


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