Take a Trip Through Texas History


Kylie Whittington, Staff Writer

Have you ever been in a mall or hotel where there is a river in the center of the building? If not, San Antonio, TX is the place to go. Downtown San Antonio is home to the famous Riverwalk. You are able to stay in a hotel where you can walk out the door and be right next to the San Antonio River.

San Antonio is also home to the well-known Texas history landmark, The Alamo. You can tour The Alamo and get a hands on taste of our state’s history. After learning about the landmark and what it represents, the gift shop is full of great souvenirs to “Remember the Alamo”.

While you’re there, be sure to take a walk around the downtown streets and take a look at some of the buildings. Ask a local about the history of a building, or take a tour for yourself.

There are many more great qualities of the famous city of San Antonio, so if you’re planning a vacation, it’s the place to go.