The Verge of Senioritis


Kylie Whittington, Staff Writer

As the first semester of the school year comes to an end, seniors are probably catching the well-known disease, “Senioritis”. This disease is only common within the senior class and causes seniors to get the idea that they should not do their schoolwork anymore. Additional to that symptom, the “infected” will become extremely lazy and not have a care in the world about high school.

Wardrobe choices are expected to have a noticeably major change. More sweat pants or leggings with over-sized shirts will be modeled throughout the second semester. Girls hair is expected to almost ALWAYS be in a messy-bun, and guys probably won’t be seen wearing jeans again.

This disease is known to be HIGHLY¬†contagious, so it is recommended to stay clear of the seniors. However, it can be cured! But there’s a catch… the only day it can be cured on is GRADUATION DAY!