CNA Program


Lexi Kingston, Staff Writer

The CNA program is a program for individuals who want to study to become Certified Nursing Assistants. Schools in the United States are now offering a CNA program to the high schoolers who are planning on going into the medical field so it will give them a head start into the career of their choice.

Christy Griffin, head volleyball coach, is an instructor of the Certified Nursing Assistant program. She has worked on campus since the 2015 school year and was an instructional aide for junior high and high school. She also was a fill-in nurse for when the school nurse was not present.

“While working as a RN, I trained many new graduate nurses and I always enjoyed the teaching that went along it, but the thought of being completely responsible for the CNA program here at Gary was a little scary and overwhelming,” said Griffin.

Before she came to the campus, Christy Griffin had pursued another profession.

“I have been a registered nurse for almost 14 years.  As a new graduate, I started working at LSU Health Sciences in Shreveport (now known as University Health) and worked there as a neo-natal intensive care nurse for 10 years,” said Griffin.

Many people see the CNA  program as an incredible opportunity to prepare students for the career that they choose in the medical field.

“I think this CNA program is an unbelievably great opportunity for our students. Especially those that will seek a degree in the medical field after graduation.  Not only does it introduce them to the medical field, but it gives them first hand experiences of what it’s like to work with patients and other health care professionals in a healthcare setting,” said Griffin.

The things students can do after completing the program can heavily benefit them.

“After completing this course and receiving their certification these students are able to obtain a job working as a CNA in any facility that hires nursing assistants.  Having this certification ensures they will always have a job, whether it’s working while going to college, working to make extra money while in high school, or working this as their career, ” said Griffin.