A Girl Like Her Movie Review

Lexi Kingston, Staff Writer

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A Girl Like Her is a movie that was filmed documentary style about a girl named Jessica Burns who was a victim of bullying in her high school. Jessica’s best friend, Brian Slater, gave her a spy camera disguised as a dragonfly pin that attached to her shirt to try and document all of the bullying Jessica encountered on a daily basis. Jessica’s once best friend gone bully, Avery Keller, and her group of four friends are the popular girls who harassed and bullied Jessica everyday at school, through text messages, and on social media. The girls thought nothing of their actions and just saw it as teasing that sometimes went too far. After something happened that couldn’t be ignored any longer, Brian decided to share the footage from the secret camera that revealed the horrifying truth of bullying.

The film takes a twist when Avery is given a camera to help the audience explore a little bit of who Avery Keller actually is. This helps us all understand why she acted so angry and hurtful.

Prepare yourself and grab the tissues because this movie has an undeniably strong and moving message that will definitely not go unnoticed. The theme that the producer is trying to portray is that no one should judge and or assume who someone truly is just by the front they put up. You never know what someone is actually going through outside of school. This movie is a great glimpse into the day-to-day life of a lost bully and her innocent victim.

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