Loblolly publishing magazine again

New print edition out after New Year


Loblolly Staff

The Loblolly magazine is back! From 1971-2003 under the direction of founder, Lincoln King, Loblolly published over 60 magazine and 6 books.  The Loblolly staff is set to print the student published magazine again. 

The students have been working hard this year to get ready to publish a magazine chock full of stories gathered from local and regional citizens as well as reprint old favorites from past Loblolly magazines.

The first magazine since 2003 will feature reprinted articles written about Bonnie & Clyde. The Loblolly featuring Bonnie & Clyde was one of the biggest sellers, and it has been out of print since 1978. Having access to these articles will be sure to please many Loblolly fans. Some of the Bonnie and Clyde stories are also being featured on the online school newspaper, www.garygrowl.com.

The Loblolly staff appreciates the community support of the upcoming publication. The staff plans to publish 1 magazine per year and distribute 500 magazines per issue. Local businesses can support these efforts by running an advertisement for their business. Ads sizes from 1/4 to full page are available for a cost of $75-$300. 

Donations for $25-$50 are also being taken for a special page to make  dedications in honor of or memory of a loved one. Many local citizens have taken advantage of this opportunity to honor family members who were featured in past Loblolly magazines and books.

Money raised from the publication of Loblolly supports journalism students in ways such as printing and other journalism education needs. The staff appreciates the assistance of Randy Liedtke and the entire Complete Printing crew who are publishing the magazine. They always do a great job of supporting GISD students. 

A big thank you also goes out to the businesses who have already placed  advertisements for the upcoming issue, especially Nixon & Woodfin CPAs and Excel Ford who purchased the front and back cover ads. 

Contact Nerissa Coligan c/o Gary High School, 132 Bobcat Trail, Gary, TX 75643 or at [email protected] for the information needed to place an ad  or dedication by January to get in the issue to be published after the first of the year.