Fall Play Fest

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Come one, come all to the Gary Play Fest this fall! Summer 2019 the theatre production class plans to go to New York City.

To raise funds, the theatre production class along with Theatre 1 and the Junior High Theatre put on a play festival at the Daniel Springs Baptist Encampment Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, October 4, 6, and 7. Principal Michael Powell who directs all three theatre classes with the help of Tina Tate, Kristen Philley, and Grace Tilley, predicted the play festival would go well and raise a lot of money.

“Putting the first GHS Shakespeare production up will be very satisfying,” said Powell. “Having the Junior High and Theatre 1 students put their first show in the books is great too.”

Doing a show with Shakespearean language, Romeo and Juliet, was a challenging experience for the production class.

“Honestly, I feel honored to be a part of the first group to do Shakespeare at Gary.” said junior Sarolyn Musick. “It’s a pretty big deal because none of the classes before has gotten to do it [Shakespeare.]”

Alongside the production class, Theatre 1 performed a comedy called, The Hillbilly Wedding written by Keely Armstrong, a former graduate of the class of 2015. For most students in the Theatre 1 class, this was their first time on stage ever.

“I felt pretty good about it all,” said sophomore Ryan Ballard. “It was a lot of fun to do with the whole gang.” Ballard played Marty Moneyman, a small but significant part.

The Junior High Theatre class performed Shipwrecked, a show they will perform in the One Act Play contest in November. Eighth grader Miller Powell played the lead role, Louie De Rougemont.

“It was quite scary,” said Miller Powell “I had so many lines, and I didn’t want to mess up.”

This is the first time Grace Tilley and Kristen Philley have ever directed or been involved in theatre.

“It was exhilarating,” said Philley. “And I was so proud to see how great the junior high students performed.”

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