Halloween Costume Contest 2018

Kindergarten Through Seniors

Rylee Storm, Clayton Grimes, Donovan Williams, Staff Writers

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Center:  Seniors Victor Hernandez and Cameron Cagle as Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro.


While lower elementary had very creative costumes grades fourth through eighth brought their game featuring Lane Hutto, Jasper Mills, Eli Comer as a group of rodeo clowns. Seventh graders Gracie Spence and Bailey Lilly Showed off their  DIY skills as a loofah and a dove bar of soap.The grooviest costume of all comes to us from sixth graders Brett Flowers and Avery Caldwell as a pair of flower children.Most original costumes goes to fifth grade girls Braley Weems and Emory Comer they crafted up a lemonade and an ice cream stands. Doctor Seuss  and his whole gang showed up and hit the crowd with a flash back to our childhoods portrayed by fourth graders Molly Powell,Olivia Griffin, Molly Davis, and Hannah Yarborough.

High school had a very outgoing costumes this year. One of the largest groups was the “Frat Boys.” The Frat Boys had a group of 5 including Briauna Brown, Rylee Storm, Shelby Powell, Trinity Baker, and Rylee Lilly. The most old school costume was Bob Ross portrayed by Brady Stephenson. An explosive costume was Napoleon Dynamite portrayed by Victor Hernandez and Cameron Cagle. One of the most easy to identify costumes was Forrest Gump portrayed by Payton Chamness and Sarolyn Musick.

“This was one of the hardest years to judge!” Asst. Superintendent Jason Woodfin said. This year will be hard to beat costume wise, but there’s no doubt next year will be even better according to the judges.

The Little Gunfighters

Dr. Seuss with the Things.

Ice cream and Lemonade Stands.

Flower Children

Dove Soap and Loofah

Rodeo Clowns

The Frat Boys

Forest and Ginny

Bob Ross Paints Again