Gary Bobcat Boys Basketball

Kicks Off 2019-20 Season


Landon Woodfin, Staff Writer

The Gary Bobcat boys basketball team kicked off the season Friday, November 15. There was a pep rally where co-captains Colin Linebarger and Ryan Ecker gave a great pep-talk.

My ultimate goal for our team is for each one of them to become the best versions of themselves that they can,” head basketball coach Jimmy Wallace said. “Basketball-wise, my goal is for us to be district champions and to go as far in the playoffs as possible, maybe even further than any other Gary team has gone. This group of young men has put in the work and the time to get it done.”

With Wallace leading the boys in a positive direction, they are willing to go the extra mile in order to succeed.

“We’ve played a very tough schedule this season, and the team has responded well to the step-up in competition,” Wallace said. “Hopefully this has helped prepare us for district play and a potential deep run in the playoffs.” 

The players have been setting high goals for this season.

“My goal is to win district and get to the State Tournament,” Linebarger said. “The challenge for the season is to be the best team to come through Gary.” 

 With such high goals, the team is bound to achieve great things.

“My goal is for our team is to win district, go as far as we can, and learn for next year,” Ecker said.

This is a very achievable thing for this year’s Gary boy’s basketball team.

“I agree with Ryan. The Bobcats can go far this year, but it’s important to learn for the next season,” freshman Darin Livingston said. “I challenge myself and the team to push ourselves as much as we can in practice, which will go to the games, and get us further in the playoffs and in life.”