Principal Davis Strives for Her Students’ Success


Dylan Dodge, Staff Writer

A traveler has come to take the place of principal. Never have I ever seen a principal with such a drive to give up all of her free time to spend with her students and children. 

Principal Brittany Davis is a traveler, never content with her own home. When it comes to being a principal, she has made changes to help benefit the students and staff, and loves to help the children.

“Whenever I started as a teacher in the classroom, I loved it,” Davis said. “The thing is you can only affect like a hundred kids when you’re a teacher, but when you’re a principal you can help the teachers and affect many more children.”

Mrs. Davis also mentions how much she loves the students of Gary and how involved the parents are.

“The kids are really good, I have never heard “yes ma’am” so much in my life,” Davis said.” The parents are involved and want to help out, our reading level is over 80% on or above the average reading level. I did not expect to love Gary as much as I do.”

Although Mrs. Davis would agree that being a principal is a demanding job, she mentions how much tougher raising your own child is.

“I think the hardest job that anybody can ever have is kids,” Davis said. “They are the worst and the best of you. If you have to spend all day with miniature ‘you’s’ that do not understand the rules of the world and your responsible for teaching them that,  you do not expect how hard it is, but I enjoy them, most of the time.”

Mrs. Davis also encourages students to have a good time during the short high school experience.

“I was in every after school activity that my school offered,” Davis said. “I did not come home every night until around 10:00. I was the valedictorian at my 1A school. I did every sport, I went to state every year in UIL, I did it all. I didn’t savor my high school years though, I wish I would have enjoyed myself more.”

Mrs. Davis loves to travel, and in her most recent exploration, she even visited Africa.

“My most recent “travel” was to Africa for a mission trip in June 2018,” Davis said. “ I went with four others to the school Acres of Mercy in Nguluni, Kenya. While there, I trained teachers on the identification of 504 and Special Education students, along with the best instructional methods and accommodations,” Davis said. “I also tried to help build a kitchen for them, as they did not have one at the time, but my skills were better suited to the classroom than construction, so I only did that for about one and a half days.” 

Mrs. Davis is one of the most selfless principals this school has ever had. She does what is best for the school, the students, and her children. Mrs. Davis has become a role model for the younger students, and they should be happy to have been blessed with a principal who knows what she’s doing.