Rockets Program Blasts Off


Kristen Philley, Nixie Hughes, Cody Baugher, Ethan Askins, Jaydan Cockerham, Aiden Arwine, Lane O’neal, Rylee Lilly, Samantha Kennedy, Clayton Grimes, and Dylan Dodge are pictured at their first rockets competition.

Rylee Lilly, Staff Writer

Many would say that the rockets program is the class to be in, with exciting adventures, new learning skills, and useful life lessons.

Science teacher Samantha Kennedy is launching the rockets curriculum into a new dimension. This is the second year that the rockets program has been offered to the students. Everyone in the rockets program has to be one hundred and ten percent committed, whether it’s the students or the teacher. This year’s rocket launch will be May 10 in Anahuac, Texas.

“This program is unique because we’re getting to build rockets,” Kennedy said. “The class itself offers so much more than that,  including life skills and science credit.

Skills students learn in the rockets program are working with others, meeting impossible deadlines, and enduring very long and tiring workdays.

“It’s very challenging,” sophomore Clayton Grimes said. “I like a bit of a challenge.”

The rockets program demands a lot from the students and is very selective on who gets to enter the program.

“You’re accountable for your own grade,” sophomore Rylee Storm said. “If you don’t do what you’re supposed to, your rocket is not going to work.”

Accountability is a big factor in the rockets program. Students obtain grades by meeting deadlines, launching their practice rockets, and by participating in group projects. 

“Even though it’s a lot of hard work, and it’s stressful, being a part of the rockets team is the most rewarding class that I have ever taken,” said Storm.

Rockets team weighs their rocket.