Creative Culinary Class

Cooks Up a Batch of Success


Hayley Dreymala prepares meal in culinary class.

Donovan Williams, Staff Writer

      The Culinary class has taken a major change for the better this school year! They are always cooking. 

      The Culinary class has made some changes and has been a lot more active in the community, thanks to the culinary teacher Nerissa Coligan. Extra periods have been added this year due to an increase in demand from students who want to take the class.

      “Some of my favorite classes are my culinary classes,” Coligan said. “I was in the restaurant business many years before, so I saw this as an opportunity to come full circle and do something I enjoy, which is cook and teach kids about serving and preparing good food.”

      The culinary class has become a lot more advanced considering they have to get their food handlers permit before cooking and serving food.

      “I had to take a TRA course online to get my food handlers certificate to be able to cook in this class,” sophomore culinary student Nixie Hughes said. “It actually helped me because it’ll be easier for me to get a job in a food-related field.”

      One difficulty that the class has to overcome is making food that the entire class enjoys, but they make it work.

      “Most of the time whenever we cook we make different varieties of the meal,” Hughes said. “For example, when we cooked an Italian meal, we made a vegetarian lasagna in case someone didn’t like regular lasagna.”

      The culinary class has also catered a few school events, including making turkey and dressing for the staff Christmas luncheon and cooking for our school board at their meeting during School Board Appreciation Week.

      “When we had to feed the school board,” senior culinary student Hayley Dreymala said, “we prepared the food over the days leading up to the meeting. Then Mrs. Coligan and I served it to the school board at their monthly meeting.”

      The class has assigned an unofficial taste tester for everything dealing with food.

      “I take an independent course during a culinary period. This has allowed me to become an unofficial taste-tester,” senior Zach Spradley said. “I really take one for the team – especially if there is more than one cheesecake.

      For the month of February, all three classes are working together to prepare weekly healthy meals for participating faculty and staff. The first week included taco soup and cornbread avocado toast.

      “I was nervous about the avocado toast,” principal’s assistant Brittney Weems said, “but it turned out to be a delicious meal. I can’t wait to see what the students and Mrs. Coligan come up with next.”

Principal Loy Dorsey, culinary teacher Nerissa Coligan, senior Hayley Dreymala, and superintendent Todd Greer
The culinary class enjoys an Italian meal after catering an event with “A tour of Italy” theme.