Price: A Principal with Passion


Gracie Johnson, Holden Robinson, Staff Writers

If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet the new principal of Gary High School, now is the time. 

Chris Price comes to us from Huntsville, Texas to impact our lives and better the education of our students. Along with his intelligence comes humor and a strong knowledge of Christianity. In addition to being a principal, Price pastors at Baptist churches. He left his church in Cleveland to come to Gary for the opportunity to be a principal here. 

Between cracking a few jokes, we hear about his home life, his move to Gary, and what’s in store for our high school in the near future.

“I lived in Huntsville and was driving an hour to Cleveland where I was Asst. Principal. Cleveland ISD is the fastest growing school district in the state, maybe the nation,” Principal Price said. “I love both places but I ended up in Gary because I prayed about being in one city and that’s where God brought me.”

Price is married to Denise Price, and they have one adult daughter.

Denise is kind of mean, so I hide a lot from her, no [just kidding]!” Price said. “She is wonderful. I actually tell people we got married because I told Denice ‘Hey, I need a date for a wedding, would you be my date?’ She said, ‘yes’ I just didn’t tell her it was my wedding.”

Price’s daughter lives in College Station with her husband.

 “I do have a daughter, Remington,” Price said. “She is now twenty. She’s a lot like me, which upsets my wife because there are two of us, but she’s pretty phenomenal.”

Price is not all fun and games. He has many thoughtful ideas on how to improve our campus environment.

“This year is different, I think, because we’re involved with the pandemic,” Price said. “For me, it’s been what I can do to relieve stress, and what I can do to make sure we communicate more. A lot of teachers in the nation are worried, there are a lot that are quitting or retiring which means y’all lose great educators. So if I can make things better, if I can communicate better, and they enjoy what they’re doing and being with y’all and teaching y’all is the thing that they love, I want to do that.” 

Not only is he interested in the education of our students he is also interested in the athletic program.

“For me, it’s just always improving. I ran cross country in high school, I looked like a slow-moving refrigerator, but I got faster the more I worked on it.”

Student athletes are one of Price’s many priorities.

“Yes, so one of the things I think would be great is, we do have a focus I would say somewhat on athletics,” Price said. “So I think that we should do something for student athletes. I feel that if you are part of making that investment and are a part of making our school better, look better, and you’re committed to that, you should be rewarded. I want to affirm and reinforce those people who do great things. Let them know we appreciate you and that you try your hardest and our community loves you for it.”

Not only are student athletes one of his many priorities, but also the entire student body.

“I think honestly right now our students don’t realize that they are the upgrade. They are the part that’s better. There are a lot of people that don’t think they are special, they’ve been told they are not special, there is nothing good about them, and they have been made fun of. I think we have some phenomenal students, and we just don’t realize it.”

 Price shared his thoughts and concerns about bettering the school environment. 

“There’s a chemical corporation whose slogan is ‘We don’t make the best, we make better’ and that’s what I kind of figured out years ago, I’m not gonna make things that great, but I can make things better. So my one goal is to always make people better, not bitter, so I always want to be upgrading to make things better.”

Mr. Price making his rounds