XC 2020


Sophomore Holden Robinson competing in the Broaddus cross country meet.

Makayla Woodfin, David Stephens, Staff Writers

Starting off another year of Gary Cross Country, runners Emma Adams, Holden Robinson, Kohl Woodfin, and Cheyenne Woodfin took the time to share their goals and motivation with us.

The Gary Bobcats cross country team runs the trails and pushes to succeed for their team. Will Athletic Director Coach Wallace push them to their limits and motivate them to achieve their goals so they will succeed? District competition will be at Huxley, TX on Oct 26.

“I feel like our runners are improving each week,” Wallace said, “and that we should have some runners qualify for the regional meet.”

Many of this year’s team started in junior high, and there are many reasons they chose to run. “I was in junior high trying to decide whether I wanted to play basketball or baseball,” sophomore Holden Robinson said, “so I was trying to figure out something to keep me in shape and Coach Wallace mentioned XC sign ups.”

This year’s junior high team has eight members. Many chose to run this year as 7th graders. “I’m running to stay in shape,” seventh graders Kohl and Cheyenne Woodfin both said. They also agreed it’s important to “have fun with friends.”

Many of the runners have great motivations. Coach Wallace is commonly mentioned by his runners as a positive motivating force. “The coaches definitely motivate me,” sophomore Holden Robinson said. “Coach Wallace congratulating me and the other runners gives me motivation to run.”

Runners have many ways to prepare themselves mentally. “My biggest thing is mentally preparing rather than physically preparing.” Robinson said, “So before I go to a meet I normally pray before we run. I always tell myself I’ve got to push myself harder than I think I need to and it’s always just been a spur of the moment.”

High school XC girls team praying before the meet.
Aubrey Kennedy, Makayla Woodfin, Emma Adams, and Bethany Kilpatrick before the meet.