Costume Contest Craziness



First-grader, Lizzie Poindexter, dressed as an old woman.

In the midst of so much change, there are still fall traditions that our school wants to hang on to. There are many people who adore celebrating Halloween by dressing up in their coolest, cutest or creepiest costumes. Our annual Halloween Spook Costume Contest wows the community every year, and this year was another winner.

The pre-K through 1st had some spooktacular costumes this year. The first-place prize for pre-K went to Captain Hook in his pirate ship, Carson Coligan, second place went to Walker and Bow as Maverick and Iceman, third place went to Aurora Burns as a scarecrow. There were some honorable mentions as well which included another pirate, Lilo and Stitch, and Brixon Seals as the operation game. The first place for Kindergarten went to Maximus Walker and Kolton Pace as Huck and Tom, second place went to Elijah Poindexter as an old man, third place went to Cody Towner as a Jack-a-lope. The first place for 1st grade was Lizzie Poindexter as an old lady, second place went to Kaylee Moreland as mac and cheese, third place went to Trinity Hailey as the Queen of Hearts. The families went to a lot of effort to win.

“The costume contest was intense, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time,” parent Ashley Poindexter said. “We did a lot of sewing, and my kids, who won first and second place, helped a lot with creating their costumes.”

Second, through fourth-graders, we’re definitely dressed to impress the judges this year in their Halloween costumes. Second grades first place went to the Mystery Machine, Ryan Campbell, second place went to Yosemite Sam, Gage Kilpatrick, and third place went to Mysterio, Luke Baisden. Third grade’s first place was the alien spaceship, Cierra Woodfin, second place went to the knight with a doggie dragon, Judson Pruitt, and third place went to the waitress carrying a tray of food, Violet Essery. Fourth grade’s first place went to Bralen Seals dressed as a shark tank. Second place went to Talon Towner and Jake dressed as Ricky Bobby and Cal Naughton Jr. Third place lastly goes to Port Porter dressed as a Genie-in-a-bottle. 

Third-grader, Cierra Woodfin dresses as an alien spaceship.

“I didn’t like my face paint because it got everywhere”, 4th grader and 3rd place winner Port Porter said “But the poster with all the lights and cotton was so cool because it made me look like a real genie.”  

As the 5th and 6th graders walk the court in their wonderfully wicked costumes the judges pick the winners for Gary’s traditional costume contest. The teachers get in on the fun too. A group from elementary dressed as The Price is Right game.

“There were some very cute, interesting costumes.” math teacher Glenda Clabaugh said. “I am amazed each year at the great costumes.”

Mrs. Glenda Clabaugh’s Price is Right group spent a lot of time working on their costumes, which led them to win the faculty costume contest.

The junior high and high school students had some very creative costumes that they put together. For the junior high division, The Adams family won first place with Blair Cope, Shawn Ritter, and Mason Powell. The second place goes to the Crocs, Emorie Comer, Chyenne Woodfin, and Braley Weems. Lastly, third place went to Brett Flowers dressed as Ace Ventura.

Third graders dressed as wonderfully cute Crocs.

“The costume was very hot,” eighth-grader Shawn Ritter said, “but I loved the outcome of the contest.” 

The highschool contestants first place goes to Emma Adams and Jaydan Cockerham dressed as characters from the movie, Up. A close second goes to Ryan Phillips, Eli Comer, Miller Powell, and Bethany Kilpatrick dressed as cereal box characters. Third place goes Noah Fondren, Jordan Brown and Kaydence Hammers dressed as “Harry Potter, Hermoine, and Ron.”

Emma Adams and Jaydan Cockerham dressed as characters from Up.

“Building and making my costume was really fun and I enjoyed watching the other grades’ costumes,” sophomore Miller Powell said. “I’m also very proud of the first-place winners. Their costumes were really good.”

Elementary teacher Zach Davis dressed as a Transformer.