Homecoming 2020

Spirt Week Filled With Fun [Developing Story]


Sophmores pose for Merica’ Monday with Mr. Price.

The Gary Bobcats prepare for homecoming with their spirit-filled dress up week. 

Monday kicks off with “ Merica’ Monday.” Students will wear red white and blue attire.

“Mr. Price had the best tie out there for Merica’ Monday,” Sophomore Chalee Carpenter said. 

Tuesday follows with “Tropical Tuesday” where students will dress in their most tropical outfits. 

“Tropical Tuesday was great for me.” Sophomore, Holden Robinson said. “Summer clothes in winter is a treat. It brought back the fun vibes from summer, other than the 47-degree weather.”

Wednesday will brighten the week when everyone dresses wacky for “Wacky Wednesday.”

Thursday starts a new tradition for the Bobcats as we celebrate homecoming with a tailgate party and field events. 

Friday ends the week with “Fan Friday” where all your buddies will dress in their favorite Bobcat attire.