Becoming a Christian Leader

Becoming a Christian Leader

Macy Frazier and Lexi Kingston

Senior Isaac Feltman is on a mission to teach Christianity to the upcoming generation.

“I wanted to make an influence to show kids that you can still have fun while doing good things and praising God,” Isaac said.

Isaac is the leader of the Bible study held in the cafetorium ten or fifteen minutes before lunch ends every Friday.

“The Bible study was the first step to coming out of my shell and expressing my religion. I just wanted to make an impact and show kids that teaching and learning about God isn’t just for older people,” said Isaac.

People wonder what kind of career Isaac is going to pursue. Some wonder if he is going to become a preacher.

“Yes, I’ve put a lot of thought into it. I’ve been considering it,” Isaac said.

Isaac is paving his way into becoming a Christian leader.