Lynnette Cortinas


Macy Frazier

Elementary teacher, Lynette Cortinas standing beside her car

Macy Frazier, Staff Writer

Mrs. Cortinas is well known in our district. Who is Lynnette Cortinas and what is she all about?

“I drive a seventy two Volkswagon Super Beetle which my daughters painted. I go on a lot of mission trips because I love to spread the word that Jesus loves them and died so we could all have eternal life. My kids are my world. I have three biological kids who are all girls. I have three foster sons and one foster daughter. I also have three cats that I hate and three goats,”┬áCortinas said.

Mrs. Cortinas knows fluent Spanish and sign language.

“I’ve gone on two missions trips to the interior of Mexico where I had to speak fluent Spanish. I learned sign language when I was working bus ministries driving young children. There was a little girl who was raised by her deaf grandparents. I felt bad because I couldn’t communicate with them so I taught myself,” said Mrs. Cortinas.

Lynette Cortinas has worked in our school for quite some time but what does she do?

“All while I’ve been here I’ve been a full time sub, an aid for State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) recovery, fifth and sixth grade Social Studies teacher and now I’m a third grade Language Arts and┬áSocial Studies teacher. I helped with Better Education Through Achievement (BETA) Club last year. This is currently my second year as a cheer sponsor and I’m a Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) sponsor,” she said.