Richard Singletary


Maintenance Man, Richard Singletary

Richard Singletary is a very important part of this school.
“I’ve been here since 1998,” said Richard.
Previously, he worked in maintenance at East Texas Medical Center.
“Before I started working here, I worked at the hospital,” said Richard. “I found out that there was a job available and got the job here.”
Richard grew up in Gary so he already knew a lot of the people here. He likes the people and the environment.
“I started Gary in 7th grade and I graduated here in 1974,” said Richard.
He started in maintenance and as a bus driver. He knows all the bus routes and has driven and taught all of them at one point. Later, wood shop was added to his list of responsibilities; he does everything else that goes with maintenance. He started as head maintenance and he still is.
“I like the people here-the kids; I enjoy the whole thing. I’ve never had a hankering to leave,” said Richard.
He seems to have found a job fit for himself.
“I’ll be here another three, maybe four years. Whatever it takes to retire,” said Richard.
Richard stays at Gary because he likes everything here, so why leave?
“They can do without me, but they cannot do without someone like me,” said Richard.